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Dr. Rachael and Dr. Nathan have taken numerous post-graduate courses and received certifications in various techniques. Each technique that they are capable of using is listed below with a brief description.

Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy

Adjustments are one of the main tools chiropractors use in the office setting. Through palpation, chiropractors are able to assess where there are joint restrictions. An adjustment is commonly performed in that restricted region, thus enabling the joint to then move freely in its full range of motion again.

Active Release Techniques®

This is a specific kind of soft tissue manipulation. It is a technique that was designed by Dr. Leahy, a chiropractic physician, and is now a very popular technique among the athletic population. The basic concept behind Active Release Techniques® is to position a muscle in its most shortened position, allow the doctor to place his/her hands in a specific position on that muscle, and then have the patient actively move body parts to put that muscle in its most lengthened position. This helps to restore the muscle’s proper action as well as break up any adhesions that may be present in the muscle. To learn more about Active Release Techniques®, visit the website at

Dr. Walden was full body certified for 10 years, and Dr. Nathan was full body certified for 3 years.


If you watched the last summer Olympics, you may have noticed a lot of the athletes wearing colored tape on different body parts. That tape is called Kinesiotape. It can be applied in different ways to help decrease inflammation or swelling for acute injuries. Or it can also be applied to either activate or inhibit a certain muscle or muscle group to improve functionality.

Cold Laser

Cold laser is becoming a more popular treatment method with more and more research in its support. It is a laser treatment in which you essentially feel nothing. It works at the cellular level to increase tissue healing and decrease inflammation. It can help with many acute injuries, as well as the chronic pain of osteoarthritis. Your chiropractor will decide when he/she thinks it should be incorporated into your treatment plan.

Soft Tissue Manipulation

Many people also have soft tissue injuries along with joint restrictions. Muscles, ligaments, and tendons are all classified as soft tissues. These soft tissue injuries can be acute (i.e. a recently occurring injury with an abrupt onset), or chronic (i.e. happening over a long period of time). Soft tissue manipulation is essentially mobilizing the tissues to restore the proper function.

McKenzie Method

This technique is one of the most researched and proven effective treatments for low back and neck pain which may or may not include pain referring down the extremities. It uses the basic anatomy of the human body to restore proper biomechanics. To learn more about McKenzie Method, visit the website at

Functional Rehabilitation

Chiropractic and soft tissue manipulation can often help people very quickly. However, the results can be only short term. Therefore, rehabilitation is an important part of the healing process. This rehabilitation phase will look different for each patient depending on their diagnosis.

Functional Nutrition

Dr. Walden has also taken many courses in functional nutrition. Along with manual therapies, she may also recommend dietary changes and/or nutritional supplementation for your condition.
The most important part of Dr. Rachael and Dr. Nathan's treatment plans is that every one of them is tailored to the patient’s needs. Every patient is different; therefore, every treatment plan will be customized depending on their unique condition.