Meet the Doctors

Dr. Rachael Walden

Dr. Rachael Walden grew up in Danville, Indiana. She was active in sports including volleyball, swimming, tennis, and gymnastics. During that time she realized that she was passionate about being active and healthy.

Dr. Walden went to Indiana University where she graduated with a major in Exercise Science and a minor in Psychology.  After graduation she got a job at Hendricks Regional Health in the Cardiac Rehab unit. She loved helping patients recover from heart attacks and learn how to take better care of themselves. She knew she had to keep pursuing her education even more though.

She then went on to National University of Health Sciences in the suburbs of Chicago to pursue becoming a chiropractic physician.  While Dr. Walden was still in chiropractic school, she started taking post graduate courses so that she could further her knowledge even more.  Her first passion was nutrition. She took many classes in the first couple years of chiropractic school so she could learn as much about nutrition as possible. After she got into her clinical rotations near the end of her curriculum, she started learning Active Release Techniques (ART). She started that in 2009 and maintained that certification for 10 years. She has also taken courses in pregnancy related lower back pain and headaches.

As soon as Dr. Walden graduated from chiropractic school, she started the process of opening her own practice. In January of 2010 that dream came true. Since opening her practice, she has received the Best of Zionsville's Z’List “Best Chiropractor” multiple times! She is honored to have received this award and continues to strive to do her best for her patients on a daily basis.

In her free time, Dr. Walden loves spending time with her husband, Kurt and kids, Callie and Colt.  She also enjoys cooking, exercising, gardening, and traveling.

Dr. Nathan Sermersheim

Dr. Nathan Sermersheim grew up in Jasper, Indiana. He played football and baseball in high school. It was during this time playing sports that he knew he wanted to become a Chiropractor. He would get treated regularly by the team chiropractor for various injuries and overall well-being. To pursue his chiropractic education, Dr. Nathan first attended Indiana University. After graduation, he enrolled in graduate school at Logan College of Chiropractic. At Logan, he volunteered coaching youth flag football and was a ski guide for Gateway Disabled Ski Program. Dr. Nathan got to travel to Missouri College to help treat athletes during the week. To help pay for some of his college expenses, he worked as an anatomy tutor. At the end of his time at Logan College (2012), he graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic, Master of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation, and Bachelor of Science in Life Science.

After graduation, Dr. Nathan was accepted for an internship with Dr. Craig Liebenson at L.A. Sports and Spine. There he treated professional athletes, high school athletes, actors, and families of all ages. He is also a co-author of a chapter in Dr. Liebenson's book Functional Training Handbook titled, "Functional Evaluation of Faulty Movement Patterns." Dr. Nathan also taught an online class, Advanced Sports Medicine III, at the University of Western States.

Continuing education and constantly learning is a big priority for Dr. Nathan. He has completed education courses in Dry Needling, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), Active Release Technique (ART), Motion Palpation Institute (MPI), and nutrition and rehabilitation seminars.

During his free time, Dr. Nathan enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Being outdoors, hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, beekeeping, and working on wildlife habitat is also enjoyable for Dr. Nathan.

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